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Do You Know . . .  (from home page)   

Theodore "Ted" Rhodes; 1948

Richard I. Thomas; 1961

Phyllis Meekins; 1981

Trivia (from top of page)

1. Nathaniel "Ironman" Avery

2. Freddie Burns (Hal Sutton's caddie), Alfred Dyer (Gary Player's caddie)

3. Willie "Pete" Peterson; 1965, 1966, 1972, 1975

4. Willie "Pappy" Stokes

5. Carl Jackson, renowned Masters Tournament caddie who has caddied in 52 Masters Tournaments (1961-1999; 2001-2013) 

More Big and Little Known Facts


1. Who caddied for Arnold Palmer in his four Masters Tournaments wins?

2. What are their names...Hal Sutton's caddie for more than 20 years, and Gary Player's caddie for more than 15 years? 

3. Who caddied for Jack Nicklaus at 23 Masters Tournaments, which included five Masters wins? In what years did the five Masters wins occur?

4. Who caddied for five Masters Tournament wins from 1938 to 1956?

5. In this photograph, the person on the left is talking to professional

golfer Tiger Woods. This person, who is a renowned caddie, holds the

record for caddying in the most Masters Tournaments. What is this

legendary caddie's name?

Answers at the bottom of this page.

The Year of . . .  1954 in african american golf history


The City of Nashville, Tennessee opens Cumberland Golf Course, a nine-hole course exclusively for blacks.

The City of Nashville, Tennessee grants African Americans two designated days of the week to play Shelby Park Golf Course, one of three city golf courses.

The City of Houston, Texas grants African Americans unrestricted access to municipal golf courses. 

Read an extensive African American golf history timeline (1879 into 2014) in "A Missing Link In History: The Journey of African Americans in Golf".