More than Golf . . . African American Golf History is American History!

Celebrating more than 130 years of history & heritage

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of African American Golf History!

Dr. Charles Sifford

First Black PGA Golfer

MUlti-media traveling exhibition  "EPOCHS OF COURAGE"

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Must Read Books


"A Missing Link In History:

The Journey of African Americans in Golf"

"African American Golf History Brain-Aerobics"

​Author: Ramona Harriet

Swing Hope Into Action

honored Charlie Sifford,

Pete Brown, & Jim Dent

June 21, 2014

The Patch of Augusta

Augusta Municipal Golf Course 

Young golfer at Old Dominion Golf Tournament in Newport News, Virginia   Circa 1970s

(left to right) Renowned Masters Tournament caddie Carl Jackson & living legend professional golfer Tiger Woods

Eastern Golf Association amateur winners (left to right): Champion  Renee Powell, Runner-up Nan Christopher,

3rd place Mary Wilkerson   Circa 1962



Do you know . . .

>> the name of the second African American who played in a USGA U.S. Open? In what year did this occur?

>> the name of the second African American LPGA T&CP Member? In what year did she earn LPGA T&CP status?

>> the name of the second African American PGA Tour golfer? In what year did he earn PGA player status?